Food Grade Anti-Seize Lubricant

Food Grade Anti-Seize Compounds and Lubricants are classified according to what they contain and how they may, or may not be used. H1 lubricants are most frequently used in food-processing environments where there is potential for incidental food contact. H2 lubricants, on the other hand, are designated for use on equipment and machine parts where there is no possibility of contact with food. Edible oils that satisfy FDA 21, CFR 172.860 are classified as H3 and are frequently used to prevent rust on hooks, trolleys and similar equipment. Never Seez White Food Grade Anti-Seize with P.T.F.E is certified NSF H1 and meets FDA requirements where incidental food contact is possible. Use on press fit assemblies, conveyor and oven bearings, packaging machinery, chain drives, pump gears, pipe fittings, valve stems, nuts, bolts, screws, and more!