Moly Anti-Seize

Anti-Seize lubricants comprised of a high concentration of molybdenum disulphide are proven to provide superior lubrication over their anti-seize counterparts. Designed for industrial applications requiring non-destructive assembly and disassembly of high loads, high temperatures and low speeds, Never Seez Blue Moly withstands pressures and temperatures up to 1500ºF. The addition of special corrosion inhibitors allows Blue Moly to be used in harsh environments and is ideal for applications in which graphite, lead and copper are prohibited or undesirable. For smooth break-in of new and rebuild equipment, we also offer Never Seez Black Moly Anti-Seize which protects and lubricates metal parts in high friction, high pressure environments. Never Seez Black Moly withstands pressures up to 500,00 psi and resists temperatures up to 750°F, reducing friction during the assembly of press-fit components.