NSB-150 Black Moly Flat Top Can Extreme Pressure Lubricant (16 oz)


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Never Seez NSB-150 Black Moly Anti-Seize is formulated to protect and lubricate metal parts in high friction, high pressure environments. Designed for industrial applications requiring the non-destructive assembly and disassembly of press-fit components, this extreme pressure lubricant is especially effective under extreme pressures involving heavy loads and slow speed resulting in boundary lubrication conditions. Black Moly Grease contains a high concentration of molybdenum disulfide that is able to withstand pressures to 500,000 psi and temperatures reaching 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for a variety of applications including equipment break-in, machine tool parts, hot exhaust fans, screw jacks, crushing mills, steel forming gates and slides, press fit assemblies, and highly loaded bearings less than 500 RPM.

Size: 16 oz. Flat Top 

Color: Dark Gray