Never Seez NSB-4 Regular Grade Lubricant & Anti Seize (4 oz.)


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Never Seez NSB-4, Regular Grade, is a superior anti seize and extreme pressure lubricant that is formulated to protect metal parts against seizure. Formulated with copper and graphite particles in a special grease, Regular Grade Never Seez keeps parts working longer with less wear and minimizes parts replacement costs. Excellent for use on parts in extreme heat up to 1800 degrees F., high pressure and corrosive environments. This high performance anti seize resists alkaline solutions, most chemical and acid vapors, road salt, steam, salt water, and iodized water.  Recommended applications include pipe fittings, valve assemblies, shafts, gaskets, boom guides, metal fittings, machinery, chaim drives, pump mountings, packing glands, press fit assemblies, nuts, bolts, and screws. Meets GE EMPIS D6Y28A1 Specification.