NBBT-16 Blue Moly Brush Top Molybdenum & Nickel Grease


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Never Seez Blue Moly anti-seize and lubricating compound is recommended for applications in which graphite, lead and copper are prohibited or undesirable. Containing a high-quality bearing grease with pure nickel powder, molybdenum sulfide and aluminum, Blue Moly NBBT-16 provides maximum parts protection in a wide variety of applications. Toting both excellent lubricity and extreme pressure resistance, it's unique blue color allows for easy visual inspection. Use on metal fitting, aircraft components, valves, chemical processing machinery, gasket dressing, automotive engine bolts, stainless steel fasteners and slow moving parts. Blue Moly Grease provides temperature protection up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit and special corrosion inhibitors which make it ideal for use in harsh environments.

Size: 16 Oz. Brush Top

Color: Blue