Sprayon LU621 Food Grade Anti-Seize Spray


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Sprayon LU621 is a premium food grade, non-drying thread sealant and anti-seize compound. This NSF H1 Rated product has been engineered to provide a superior leak-proof seal for the the life of the connection while maintaining its anti-seize capabilities, allowing for easy disassembly without thread damage. Effective to 1800 ˚F, LU621 is formulated with a balanced blend of P.T.F.E and other lubricating solids and is an excellent choice for high pressure applications. Water and steam resistant! Recommended for use on a variety of pipes, threaded fittings, pins, bushings, valve shafts, flanges, plugs, chains, sprockets, winches, rig drives, worm gears, brake cams and more!

Meets Specification: MIL-A-907E

Size: 15 oz Aerosol