Sprayon LU620 Anti-Seize Spray (Case of 12)


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Sprayon LU620 Anti-Seize Spray is formulated from a blend of nickel, aluminum and copper metals intended to protect against seizure, galling, corrosion, rust carbon fusion and galvanic pitting. Designed for preventative maintenance in marine, metalworking, automotive, oil field, construction, mining, farm equipment, wastewater and sewage industries, LU620 Anti-Seize Compound is excellent for use in extreme pressure applications. This homogenized semi-sythetic lubricating grease will not melt and run out after application and protects in temperatures ranging from 0°F to +2200°F. Meets MIL-PRF-907F. Recommended for use on winches, threaded fittings, chains, sprockets, worm gears, brake cams, rig drives, casting equipment, conveyors and valve shafts. 

*Please note that Sprayon LU620 is not to be used with oxygen systems.

Size: 11.25 oz Aerosol


Case of 12