Never Seez Pure Nickel Special Nuclear Grade Anti Seize (1 lb)


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Bostik Never Seez Pure Nickel Special Nuclear Grade is a high temperature, extreme pressure anti-seize compound that has been specially tested and certified pure for use in nuclear power plants.  Each production lot of Nuclear Grade is tested for sulfur, halogen, and low-melt metal contaminants, then is labeled with the lot and test report number to certify purity. With an upper temperature limit of 2400 degrees F., this high performance anti-seize minimizes corrosion and prevents galling on steel to stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, and other hard metals. Other industry uses include aerospace and aircraft, stainless steel assembly, turbine manufacturing, tire manufacturing, clay brick firing, vehicle oxygen sensors and chemical plant applications. Meets G.E. Specification No. D50YP12.

Color: Silver