Never Seez High Temp Anti Seize NSSBT-16 (16 oz. Brush Top Can)


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Never Seez NSSBT-16, High Temperature Stainless Anti-Seize is formulated to protect parts up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature anti-seize and lubricant provides superior protection against rust, corrosion and seizure even in high pressure and corrosive environments. Use of Bostik NSSBT-16 keeps parts working longer with less wear and minimizes parts replacement costs. When repairs are needed, the use of this product enables faster disassembly even after exposure to high temperatures. NSSBT-16 grease may be used on a variety of applications including reactor bolts, turbine bolts, exhaust manifold fasteners, gauges, fittings, stainless steel pump fittings and unions, as well as fasteners in steel mill and power plants. Manufactured with graphite, stainless and other additives, this anti-seize and lubrication compound exhibits excellent resistance to alkaline solutions, road salt, steam, salt water, iodized water, chemical and acid vapors. Not recommended for high speed bearing applications.