High Temp Bearing Lube (14.1 oz.) Never Seez NHTC-14


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Never Seez Bearing Lube provides high temperature protection at temperatures ranging from 500°F to 1000°F (260°C to 538°C). . Recommended for use on ball and roller bearings, bushings, open and sealed bearings, Never Seez NHTC-14 is specially formulated with lubricating enhancers and is void of all metallic particles. This high temperature grease will not melt and exhibits good extreme pressure characteristics. Ideal for process oven bearings, oven damper controls, high temperature exhaust fans, kiln ovens, heat treat ovens and furnaces.  

Size: 14.1 Oz. Cartridge

Color: Black


• Never-Seez® High Temperature Bearing Lubricant does oxidize at temperatures above 500°F (260°C). However, solid lubricant additives will continue to provide protection after grease burns off.  • Not suitable for automated delivery systems as clogging may occur  • Visual and auditory inspection is recommended to determine frequency of application  • Not compatible with traditional greases—purge or clean old grease thoroughly from system  • Speed factor (n x dm) less than 150,000