Never Seez NS-168 Regular Grade Lubricant & Anti Seize (8 lb. Pail)


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Never Seez NS-168 is a regular grade anti-seize and lubricating compound made to protect metal parts against rust, corrosion and seizure. Comprised of a special, high-quality bearing grease with graphite, copper flake, aluminum powder and zinc oxide, NS-168 offers superior protection in temperatures ranging from -297 F to 1800 F. Ideal for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments, NS-168 keeps parts working longer with less wear, protects against carbon fusion, enables faster disassembly when repairs are needed and prevents galling on steel to stainless steel, titanium, magnesium and other metals. Use on nuts, bolts, screws, pipe fittings, valve assemblies, chain drives, pump mountings, press fit assemblies, metal fittings, gaskets, shafts, machinery, taps and drills. This extreme pressure lubricant resists alkaline solutions, most chemical and acid vapors, road salt and steam and is excellent in water, salt water and ionized water. Not recommended for use on high speed bearings.