Pipe Compound with Teflon (16 oz.) Never Seez NPBT-16 Anti Seize


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Bostik Never Seez Pipe Compound with P.T.F.E. (Teflon) is a superior lubricating and anti-seize compound formulated to prevent the corrosion, seizure and galling of pipe threads and fittings. Recommended for use on black iron, galvanized stainless steel and high pressure steam pipes in contact with malleable cast iron, brass, stainless steel and galvanized fittings, Never Seez NPBT-16 assures easy disassembly of parts and is non-toxic and non-hazardous.  NPBT-16 contains a special, high-quality grease with P.T.F.E., mica and zinc oxide that can be used in temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 525 degrees Fahrenheit. The use of Teflon and other sealant enhancing additives in Never Seez Compound allows greater thread engagement and more positive sealing. Never Seez Pipe Sealant should not be used on oxygen systems.