Bostik BladeCote (10.75 oz. Aerosol) Blade and Bit Lubricant


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Bostik BladeCote Lubricant (previously known as Bostik DriCote) is specially formulated to extend the overall life of blades and bits. Regular use of BladeCote on saw blades, knives, router and drill bits, significantly reduces cutting friction and the buildup of resin or pitch. Petroleum and silicone-free, BladeCote will not stain wood or interfere with glues or finishes. Ideal for a variety of industrial, commercial and household uses, this penetrating lubricant dries in seconds and works equally well on steel or carbide, stellite and diamond-tipped cutting blades. Increase productivity with less downtime for saw blade changeovers and prolong equipment life by reducing saw or drill motor drag with Bostik BladeCote!

Size: 10.1 Oz. Aerosol Can